Thursday, June 30, 2011

1+1= karen o.(DUH)

I know.I need not to tell people who this amazing half Korean half Polish lady is.It seem to me as though every girl of this century have had their Karen O phase where you see them out sporting the bowl haircut and chic indie attire with a European brew in hand and the need to be hyper active or fuddled (one word,HIPSTER).

But this is an all kickass female rocker themed blog and it would be unforgivable if the Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman was not included.

WHERE SHALL I BEGIN? Should I begin with how infectious most of her music is regardless of how senseless or simple it is?or the fact that she has the most cutest carefree iconic vocals? or how adorably insane she looks when she's performing?or her avant-garde inspirational wardrobes that makes you more fixated and fascinated by her? Hell,I can't even choose one.Everything about her is as epic as Narnia.But if I were to pick,I'd say I am eternally inlove with her raw and unlimited energy.She is,as I would put it, an other worldly being.She's just magical.I love her.And though she has but thousands and millions of carbon copies,there can only be one Karen o.She is the type of individual that you look and wonder why you weren't anything like her.I have to say, I personally wish I had her individuality but of course,the phase had passed.Now I just wished I could marry someone who is as remotely as amazing as her.

Her band had produced 4 albums,one as good as the other.But their last album,I think just soared as they really did evolve as a band without having to lose their identity.But I personally just love their older stuff.If you miss her that much,perhaps her works for the soundtrack of the movie "Where the wild things are" could help fill the void.In the mean time,here are some of my fave footages of dear Karen Lee Orzolek;

Of course,don't just take it from me or the fact that Gossip Girls have her in their soundtrack to understand how astounding she is.GOOGLE HER,check her video clips,especially the live ones.Regardless of what era your from, I doubt you wont like her.

Remember,any other replica of her is just not going to cut it.

Your unemployed sadistic 20 year old,