Sunday, July 3, 2011

let's talk about

I haven't got a clue to how that sentence should end up there.but anyway,I feel the need to post this somewhere.It's one of my you like it,then check out my deviantart account as linked on the side bars.Or you could just go here;

Now off to this other uber awesome band that I'm about to introduce to you.well,like I mentioned before(about a million times or more),I love my ladies in music,and there can only be so many types of different music out there but where this particular band falls into,I have no idea.If you love the term experimental,then you can't get anymore experimental than this.

I personally feel that this band deserve more than what it had when it first came out.For not only are they unique in terms of riffs,they also have a talented vocalist whom combined screamo screams with eclectic sassy vocals sweetly,making this band one of my all time fave bands ever.I know you've heard of the term post hardcore one too many times and you'd think "ugh,so predictable" but hey,what do you think of the term post jazzcore? Too complicated for your little minds? Don't worry,let me simplify this for you,think Dillinger Escape Plan's Ire Work with less screaming and more normal vocals but a female version of the whole thing.Okay, if your anymore confuse than initially,just check the youtube link provided below.

Let's just use the term jazzy and be done with it.This band is seriously jazzy,eclectic,angsty,fast and crazy.there.Oh and they even have an awesome name, Red Knife Lottery.EPIC eh?

Kitty cats and orchids,

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