Sunday, April 1, 2012

If this year is the end then I'll be damned if I end this blog.

I am not giving up on you just yet.In fact, I came up with a bullet proof excuse as to why I disappeared the way I did (AGAIN). This time I am innocent as you can't blame me for finally doing something with my music.Yes, you guessed it, dear eff was busy with her band.Band..Sighs, you wouldn't believe how hard I've worked just to be able to say that again.

Normally I am not too fond of the whole concept of self promoting.Mostly because I hate sounding like a semi if not a total douchebag. But I've learnt that in music, promotion is crucial. And who better to promote my band to if not my 67 random readers. I am pretty sure me leaving my band's facebook link here wont do no massive impact, but hey it would be worth a try.

So here it is,my silly little band,pastel lite. It's basically a duo playing experimental electronical stuff.I hope y'all would enjoy it.

And yes, that's it for this post.But don't worry.I have another one in 20 minutes..

Your's Trully,


Monday, November 7, 2011

going back to the land of talk;

I am about to introduce you lovely folks to another awesome female fronted band but before I do,here is a short apology and a valid excuse as to why I disappeared the way I did.READERS,I AM SINCERELY SORRY.I know I can be a fail blogger sometimes but you have to understand that this fail blogger happens to have college to attend to and since then had been trying to be a student finally instead of the slacker bitch she was formerly known for.Other than that,I had to do some soul searching to figure out what the hell it was I needed to do for my so-called future.Although I am still searching for what exactly that is, I've realized that the only activity that could keep me sane is writing.Therefore I am not abandoning this blog just yet.Sorry and I miss Y'ALL.But mostly I miss writing about the many bands that I fell hard for.

So off to this next band; Well this band has been around since 2006 and their last album was "Cloak and Cipher" which was released in 2010.And I only discovered them earlier this year which pretty much makes me a late bloomer.But as late as I was, that didn't stop me from falling inlove with Elizibeth Powell's sultry and calm vocals.If your into the likes of The Cardigans or Metric (which I'll introduce to you some other time) then you might really enjoy this. But it would be crude for me to compare Land of Talk to some other awesome bands.In a way,they kinda stand out as I find Powell's vocal more softer and childlike compare to the mentioned bands.And I just find their lyrics somehow more subtle and mysterious.And yeah,they are Canadians( is it me or most of them indie bands from Canada are just such intellectual poets?).

And what is my fave track from this band you wonder? It's none other than "Speak to me bones" from their "Applause Cheer Boo Hiss" EP because it has that raw edge to it that I can't really explain;

But their other albums are equally great to as seen here;

Anyway I hope this amazing band manage to earn a spot in your list of all time favourite musicians as they did to me.If not then go kill yourself you shallow fiends.LOL. Just kidding.

Have a magical week children.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Hell,sometimes the better things in life are the hardest to find.

That said,let me complete the notion by telling all of you that it took me a while to search deep into all those recommendations just to get a hold of some pretty amazing underrated bands (by a hold of,I meant checking their respectful websites).I found not one but shit loads of bands that I soon became a religious listener of.But lemme start of with this one;

Monsters are waiting.They're a band from L.A.They play this darkwave pop music that is both pretty and hypnotic,thanks to their wonderful vocalist Annalee Fery's ultra sweet vocals. They kinda sound to me like Metric's last album but with a cuter prettier voice.My favorite track of theirs would have to be their cover of Stone Roses's "I wanna be adored".But since I couldn't find any good quality video with that song,I hope this one will do;

No, Eff certainly did not die in a plane crash.

Hello and many thanks to all who had been sweet enough to follow this pityful blog.If I could I would've hug all of you by now.But I can't so I hope that this smiley would do;


Anyway, to answer some of you curious kittens as to where have I been to for the past few weeks,I'd say I was busy settling problems and cleaning the house.I haven't completely forgot about this blog if you were wondering.In fact,I was busy listening to a couple of femme fronted bands to enlist here soon in this blog .See? I am a very responsible blogger.Besides that, I have also been busy fixing my guitar skills.YES,I bought an electric guitar!! I know it's not that big of a news to be shared here but I can't help it, I am pathetic like that.I have been making some (if not a truck load of) songs that I am not quite proud of. WHO AM I KIDDING? of course I'm proud.I take pride in my shitty music as shitty as they are just like a child who obviously puts her first stick-figure drawings all over her wall.Vain much?INDEED.

Anyway, if you are curious,do check out my one man band-page at this link here and click like.Well,if you sincerely like my songs.Otherwise GO TO

Much love,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brody Dalle needs no introduction; as of this post.

If you were as blown away as I was looking at the video linked up there,then my point is clear.I have never been so awed and amazed by any woman as much as I am awed and amazed by this one.My,she even made me question my sexuality growing up.I knew so many girls who idolized and aspired to be her.But there can only be one brody dalle,and she's EPIC.

I love everything about her.Her husky raspy boyish vocals,her effin fair skin,her almost Angelina Jolie features and her fairytale of a life.I mean, imagine playing a band that nobody knows or gives a shit about in Australia,then did an opening for some L.A band (cough* Rancid)and then suddenly one of the band members fell inlove with her and then took her to L.A and then formed a cooler band in Hollywood and then get married and then became famous.WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT?(this question does not apply if your either famous or married) Fuck,I know I do.

Unfortunately,this fairytale didn't appear to last very long.Brody soon got divorced with then hubby Tim Armstrong of rancid.BUTTTTTTTTTT she then later married Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age; HAPPY ENDING.How she managed to fish both men of my then fave bands,I have no idea.Perhaps because she was equally attractive and talented.But if this post was just about what a lucky woman she is then I should just delete this whole thing.This post is a tribute to the lady that made me want to be a rockstar if not marry one.She was my first girl rocker crush I've had so could you imagine how special this is for me.

Because she's google-able,I'll spare the detail but I think I should just mention that she sang for this punk rock band called The distillers and currently is on this new project called Spinnerette. Anyway,here are some of her stalk worthy photos;
Lemme end this post with a video from her latest project.I must say,spinnerette for me is really just brody trying out something new and being more grown up .If anything,her new project is more stoner rocky (could Josh homme be the cause of this?)than her usual fast beat punk rock.But all in all,her vocals are as strong as usual and the only distinct difference would be that it sounded more flexible.

Your queen of pluto,


grrrrl riot 101;

I was born on August 1991.And if I told you that I was among the teenagers dancing away in some grrrl riot gig,I'd be a big fat liar(but I was rather chubby back then).Where was I at this era you asked?No I wasn't at home listening to my Bikini Kill cassetes(lol.I never owned such materials).I was at home playing with my then pet hamsters if not Pokemon Yellow in my old school gameboy.Yes,I missed out.But back where I was from, almost everyone missed out on most grrl riot bands, they were too busy wanting to be Kurt Cobain or Billy Corgan or Creed or even the Backstreet Boys.Sure, they've heard of Courtney Love, but she's just the icing of the very creamy velvety raspberry chocolate cake.

There are plenty of other female fronted oblivious bands from the category that they've missed out on.Too plenty in fact,that I won't be able to introduce all of them to you.I will, however,introduce you to my favorites among favorites(by introducing ,I mean by briefly providing their names and videos,my bad)

7 year bitch,

Bikini kill,


Veruca salt,

The breeders,

Of course,like I mentioned,there are MORE grrrl riot bands out there.But since this is my blog,I'll list down whomever I want,besides these 4 are my personal favorites and are what I honestly felt reflected the movement pretty well.But of course you could go here and handpick your personal favorites instead (and then go leave me alone).

But Effie,what is this Grrrl Riot music your blabbering about? Well, once upon the nineties,there were several women starting out this at one point underground feminist punk movement.What you basically need to know is that they are just a bunch of female fronted bands who emphasize female empowerment in their music.Other than that is all he said she said bullshits evolving endless arguments regarding which of the many grrrl riot bands are feminist enough for the movement.I don't know much about the scene.I did my research but no fine thesis would be adequate without detail observations.But at least, I enjoyed my pokemon game:D

Your Bulbasaur,


Saturday, July 9, 2011


As I will be using this much for professional reasons.Anyway,join me here

take care:)