Monday, November 7, 2011

going back to the land of talk;

I am about to introduce you lovely folks to another awesome female fronted band but before I do,here is a short apology and a valid excuse as to why I disappeared the way I did.READERS,I AM SINCERELY SORRY.I know I can be a fail blogger sometimes but you have to understand that this fail blogger happens to have college to attend to and since then had been trying to be a student finally instead of the slacker bitch she was formerly known for.Other than that,I had to do some soul searching to figure out what the hell it was I needed to do for my so-called future.Although I am still searching for what exactly that is, I've realized that the only activity that could keep me sane is writing.Therefore I am not abandoning this blog just yet.Sorry and I miss Y'ALL.But mostly I miss writing about the many bands that I fell hard for.

So off to this next band; Well this band has been around since 2006 and their last album was "Cloak and Cipher" which was released in 2010.And I only discovered them earlier this year which pretty much makes me a late bloomer.But as late as I was, that didn't stop me from falling inlove with Elizibeth Powell's sultry and calm vocals.If your into the likes of The Cardigans or Metric (which I'll introduce to you some other time) then you might really enjoy this. But it would be crude for me to compare Land of Talk to some other awesome bands.In a way,they kinda stand out as I find Powell's vocal more softer and childlike compare to the mentioned bands.And I just find their lyrics somehow more subtle and mysterious.And yeah,they are Canadians( is it me or most of them indie bands from Canada are just such intellectual poets?).

And what is my fave track from this band you wonder? It's none other than "Speak to me bones" from their "Applause Cheer Boo Hiss" EP because it has that raw edge to it that I can't really explain;

But their other albums are equally great to as seen here;

Anyway I hope this amazing band manage to earn a spot in your list of all time favourite musicians as they did to me.If not then go kill yourself you shallow fiends.LOL. Just kidding.

Have a magical week children.


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  1. Happy Monday Rock and enjoy great College hours:)