Sunday, April 1, 2012

If this year is the end then I'll be damned if I end this blog.

I am not giving up on you just yet.In fact, I came up with a bullet proof excuse as to why I disappeared the way I did (AGAIN). This time I am innocent as you can't blame me for finally doing something with my music.Yes, you guessed it, dear eff was busy with her band.Band..Sighs, you wouldn't believe how hard I've worked just to be able to say that again.

Normally I am not too fond of the whole concept of self promoting.Mostly because I hate sounding like a semi if not a total douchebag. But I've learnt that in music, promotion is crucial. And who better to promote my band to if not my 67 random readers. I am pretty sure me leaving my band's facebook link here wont do no massive impact, but hey it would be worth a try.

So here it is,my silly little band,pastel lite. It's basically a duo playing experimental electronical stuff.I hope y'all would enjoy it.

And yes, that's it for this post.But don't worry.I have another one in 20 minutes..

Your's Trully,


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