Friday, August 5, 2011

Hell,sometimes the better things in life are the hardest to find.

That said,let me complete the notion by telling all of you that it took me a while to search deep into all those recommendations just to get a hold of some pretty amazing underrated bands (by a hold of,I meant checking their respectful websites).I found not one but shit loads of bands that I soon became a religious listener of.But lemme start of with this one;

Monsters are waiting.They're a band from L.A.They play this darkwave pop music that is both pretty and hypnotic,thanks to their wonderful vocalist Annalee Fery's ultra sweet vocals. They kinda sound to me like Metric's last album but with a cuter prettier voice.My favorite track of theirs would have to be their cover of Stone Roses's "I wanna be adored".But since I couldn't find any good quality video with that song,I hope this one will do;

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