Friday, August 5, 2011

No, Eff certainly did not die in a plane crash.

Hello and many thanks to all who had been sweet enough to follow this pityful blog.If I could I would've hug all of you by now.But I can't so I hope that this smiley would do;


Anyway, to answer some of you curious kittens as to where have I been to for the past few weeks,I'd say I was busy settling problems and cleaning the house.I haven't completely forgot about this blog if you were wondering.In fact,I was busy listening to a couple of femme fronted bands to enlist here soon in this blog .See? I am a very responsible blogger.Besides that, I have also been busy fixing my guitar skills.YES,I bought an electric guitar!! I know it's not that big of a news to be shared here but I can't help it, I am pathetic like that.I have been making some (if not a truck load of) songs that I am not quite proud of. WHO AM I KIDDING? of course I'm proud.I take pride in my shitty music as shitty as they are just like a child who obviously puts her first stick-figure drawings all over her wall.Vain much?INDEED.

Anyway, if you are curious,do check out my one man band-page at this link here and click like.Well,if you sincerely like my songs.Otherwise GO TO

Much love,


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