Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brody Dalle needs no introduction; as of this post.

If you were as blown away as I was looking at the video linked up there,then my point is clear.I have never been so awed and amazed by any woman as much as I am awed and amazed by this one.My,she even made me question my sexuality growing up.I knew so many girls who idolized and aspired to be her.But there can only be one brody dalle,and she's EPIC.

I love everything about her.Her husky raspy boyish vocals,her effin fair skin,her almost Angelina Jolie features and her fairytale of a life.I mean, imagine playing a band that nobody knows or gives a shit about in Australia,then did an opening for some L.A band (cough* Rancid)and then suddenly one of the band members fell inlove with her and then took her to L.A and then formed a cooler band in Hollywood and then get married and then became famous.WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT?(this question does not apply if your either famous or married) Fuck,I know I do.

Unfortunately,this fairytale didn't appear to last very long.Brody soon got divorced with then hubby Tim Armstrong of rancid.BUTTTTTTTTTT she then later married Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age; HAPPY ENDING.How she managed to fish both men of my then fave bands,I have no idea.Perhaps because she was equally attractive and talented.But if this post was just about what a lucky woman she is then I should just delete this whole thing.This post is a tribute to the lady that made me want to be a rockstar if not marry one.She was my first girl rocker crush I've had so could you imagine how special this is for me.

Because she's google-able,I'll spare the detail but I think I should just mention that she sang for this punk rock band called The distillers and currently is on this new project called Spinnerette. Anyway,here are some of her stalk worthy photos;
Lemme end this post with a video from her latest project.I must say,spinnerette for me is really just brody trying out something new and being more grown up .If anything,her new project is more stoner rocky (could Josh homme be the cause of this?)than her usual fast beat punk rock.But all in all,her vocals are as strong as usual and the only distinct difference would be that it sounded more flexible.

Your queen of pluto,



  1. i totally had that distillers page from ap magazine on my wall all those years ago!

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  3. omg brynna!!I have the exact same page from the ap magazine page on my wall back then too!! I really thought she was a goddess back then:)