Sunday, July 10, 2011

grrrrl riot 101;

I was born on August 1991.And if I told you that I was among the teenagers dancing away in some grrrl riot gig,I'd be a big fat liar(but I was rather chubby back then).Where was I at this era you asked?No I wasn't at home listening to my Bikini Kill cassetes(lol.I never owned such materials).I was at home playing with my then pet hamsters if not Pokemon Yellow in my old school gameboy.Yes,I missed out.But back where I was from, almost everyone missed out on most grrl riot bands, they were too busy wanting to be Kurt Cobain or Billy Corgan or Creed or even the Backstreet Boys.Sure, they've heard of Courtney Love, but she's just the icing of the very creamy velvety raspberry chocolate cake.

There are plenty of other female fronted oblivious bands from the category that they've missed out on.Too plenty in fact,that I won't be able to introduce all of them to you.I will, however,introduce you to my favorites among favorites(by introducing ,I mean by briefly providing their names and videos,my bad)

7 year bitch,

Bikini kill,


Veruca salt,

The breeders,

Of course,like I mentioned,there are MORE grrrl riot bands out there.But since this is my blog,I'll list down whomever I want,besides these 4 are my personal favorites and are what I honestly felt reflected the movement pretty well.But of course you could go here and handpick your personal favorites instead (and then go leave me alone).

But Effie,what is this Grrrl Riot music your blabbering about? Well, once upon the nineties,there were several women starting out this at one point underground feminist punk movement.What you basically need to know is that they are just a bunch of female fronted bands who emphasize female empowerment in their music.Other than that is all he said she said bullshits evolving endless arguments regarding which of the many grrrl riot bands are feminist enough for the movement.I don't know much about the scene.I did my research but no fine thesis would be adequate without detail observations.But at least, I enjoyed my pokemon game:D

Your Bulbasaur,


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