Thursday, July 7, 2011

Courtney Love anyone?

I grew up in the nineties and I grew up believing that kurt was the lucky one having to have had courtney as his beloved wedded wife and not the other way round.Of course this opinion of mine had much became the many reason why I was further isolated back then.I know courtney love was nothing more than a statistical groupie(but hey,at least she chased after the right rockstars;billy corgan and kurt cobain are epic) or a drunken media frenzy but she's also a stunning female musician.Of course,she had a band and a set of awful guitar skills.But at least she managed to have sang the way she did in an era where almost all female musicians were well qualified to be called musicians.I guess if anything she was among the pioneers of crazy expressive music.No doubt there's more talented female rockers during the nineties,but let's start off with this vixen shall we?

I have yet to choose which is my favorite aspect of her.Perhaps the fact that this woman has the lady balls doing things the way she did during her time (and is still doing so up til this very day ).From being raped in a crowd of audience of some show she performed at,to having dealt with constantly being called a coke whore groupie,I find the many struggles she went through only qualifies her to be the icon she is.I love her and her epic grunge band,Hole.Anyway,here's a collection of my fave photos of Courtney Michelle Love,enjoy:)

Oh,nostalgia.I would've provided a youtube link by now but am too lazy to do so.Besides,I'm pretty sure that the majority of you probably have "Violet" or "Malibu" in your library somewhere so I needn't be too detail with this post.

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