Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's start off fresh.

It's not like you knew me at all anyway.Before I start throwing tantrums at this microscopic blog,I decided to convert this into a music blog.I know this isn't my first attempt.But hell,I'm bipolar like that.anyway,i won't be as online as I love to.I'll probably be doing this every once in a blue moon.Why?? Well,I'm getting old,time to start burdening myself with some tacky responsibilities.

So before I disappear again,have a great week folks.

Your's truly,



  1. Yes, I don't know the music you write about. I grew up in the 50's when rock n' roll had just started. The music of the day never seemed to talk, but classical music did. Be all of that as it may, I blog to bring a smile to bloggers like you from my long life experience and chronic desire to be a fool and undermine this "positive thinking" idiocy we have been stuck in for so long and I don't want to go back to the 50's...just ahead to the "change" we were promised in the last. My best

  2. i'm sorry.i,myself,write music of my generation,which is the nineties and early 2000.don't worry,i'm as lost too when it comes to music lately.this blog isn't actually just about music,it's about empowering female icons that i look up to in the music industry.i have yet to conclude janis joplin or patti smith or joan jett in the list.even the ones i've recently blogged about are from slightly different time zone.but i do,however,try to be as update as i could.

    anyway,i appreciate you actually reading my blog.i only intend to share the girls i'm inspired by to as many people out there.i think most of these talents are highly under appreciated.and people don't even know what a true female rockstar is suppose to be like.they think that if you just wear thick eyeliner and dress obscenely that your one.but for me,it's truly about the can wear a simple tshirt and no make up and rock a whole stadium.all it takes is the passion and attitude for it.

    anyway,how are you?:)