Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My favorite southern belle.

She's short; has A.D.D whenever on stage; sings about peer pressure and typical teenage dramas in a fairly bratty kinda way; rocks a tank top cuter than most sloppy joes; has dirty looking hair and sports a few tiny tattoos;OH and she's from DALLAS.

Ring any bell??
ding ding ding!!

Yes, we are talking about your's truly,JEMINA PEARL.And if some of you answered the singer of that twilight song,unfortunately my friend,you watched one too many MTV. And if i may add,you need to lay off the peroxide bleacher (we all know you want orange mane like your idol but we also know that too much inhalation of that stuff can't be good for you,it probably causes you brain damage).

So back to the topic,yes JEMINA PEARL. Is it me or does the world seem to be going on just fine without her? I guess there's more than one midget rocker chicks out there to obsess over.But fortunately I am still obsessed over this one.Regardless of how many other newer cooler cuter rocker femme out there.Jemina pearl has a very special spot in my heart.

Because for one, I have yet to see a girl who could shamelessly drool and puke on stage without grace like her (even if there is Karen o,but fuck she's tall and skinny,I need me a midget) and secondly, I actually dig most of BE YOUR OWN PET's stuff."Adventure" made me wanna skip around and smile retardedly and "Becky" for me screams SOUNDTRACK OF MY PATHETIC LIFE.

I love BE YOUR OWN PET for having to be adorably happy,bratty,angsty,fun and cute all at the same time.If anything,I must say they remind me of sonic youth whenever Kim Gordon gets to sing,but in a more teeny pop rocky kinda way.

Anyway,if you haven't heard of her or her band BE YOUR OWN PET( are soo LAME), go to itunes or some shit and get the whole freakin discography and validate yourself as a so called experimental music fanatic.And then maybe go save the world or something.

FYI, BE YOUR OWN PET disbanded a few years ago.An article somewhere said that Miss Pearl's off to make a solo project,but I haven't heard anything regarding that.

But here's a video for you to get by with;

Goodnight blissful readers,


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  1. Oh my goodness, that video was hilarious! And I love her voice, thanks for the tip :)