Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh my god.OH MY GOD.

If you think I was being paranoid about something, well, a month ago you would've been right.But tonight I'm actually singing a line of a currently favorite song that's embedded in my brains.FUCK NO,I AIN'T SINGING USHER. Well,maybe.but I'm actually singing IDA MARIA'S Oh My God.

Who is this stunning woman your asking? Or why ain't she stick thin you wonder? Well if your mind's more occupied thinking about the latter then I must say you deserve a fuck you finger on the face, because not all talented amazing orgasmic musicians out there need to be like Taylor Momsen. Do your freakin math (or history). If you must recall , even the stunning Marilyn Monroe ain't a size zero.

Okay, I'm getting way too dramatic over this. Perhaps because I have weight issues or perhaps because I am overly passionate when it comes to my favorite femme musicians.Whatever it is,lemme just get over with this post before I lose it again.

This is IDA MARIA;
She's from Norway and she is mighty fine if you ask me.Her works,in my humble opinion,is an angstier,rock and roll version of soko but with a slight difference in the vocal and not all constant gibberish (will introduce Soko soon in the near future).But of course,it wouldn't be fair if I were to compare this musical queen to the other,so I'll just say that you have got to listen to her.She's pretty different and unique in a way.She has this slightly raspy voice that goes cute whenever she gets high pitch.And most of her song are like the excerpts of a female Casanova which for me feels so empowering.Plus she gets all neurotic too sometimes which is just GOLD:D

So have a listen here;

And here;

And tell me what you think,cause if you don't I'll hack into your computer and steal all your naked pictures and post it up in tumblr and take credit for every freakin notes that follows.Thanks.


Your demented,



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  2. awh your welcome,i like reading your blog,its very sweet and pretty.and i think your pretty too:D

  3. That 'Stella' song is awesome!
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  4. Favoritest Ida Maria ever, "I like you so much better when you're naked". Thx for the follow, I think I love you!

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  7. awh thanks people.there'll be more posts about other talented ladies coming up:)

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  10. Awww she is so pretty and rocking hot! :)

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  11. SHE IS SO EXCELLENT I might as well die :D

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