Friday, June 17, 2011

This world is cruel and ignorant.

Why do I bother telling people how this planet functions when people are so indenial and blind? One of this cruel world's injustice would have to be this ridiculous incident I'm about to share with you (this is one of the many rare times where I decided to get personal,so bare with me please);

It was one of those days when my winamp player recycled every single song I had in my library;all 1000+ songs kept neatly inside my music folder.I was even at the brink of a musical suicide as I considered downloading kesha.

So I desperately called upon my peers asking if not begging for a suggestion for any awesome tune for me to swallow and choke over.And of course,I need it to be female fronted cause I have lesbians for ears (hence the URL).Suddenly, I got a reply from Mr.anonymous suggested I listen to GIRL IN A COMA.But before I did,I jokingly asked how they sounded like even when I was ready to listen to anything and he said,casually and confidently,that it sounded like Paramore.

Slightly disappointed yet curious,I went to check the band's myspace anyways,and to my fortunate surprise,the band didn't sound anything like para-fucking-more.It doesn't have that typical scorning cliche edgy girl vocals, nor the common post hardcore meets pop punk meets anything that mainstream music validates as experimental.And it certainly does not sound the bit least of the tacky teeny trendy stuff paramore has been providing.

If anything, GIRL IN A COMA fucking owns.I know I'm just saying that cause I'm an avid fan.But seriously,these girls are amazing.For me,the significant thing is Nina's vocal;it has this depth and authenticity that most singers lack of.I call it The Cranberries syndrome,not because they sound like The Cranberries,but because like The Cranberries,this band managed to stand out completely from other bands just cause of the distinctness of the vocals,making them almost impossible to be kept under a specific musical genre.

So my question is, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU COMPARE THIS TO PARAMORE? As if there aren't already a thousand other bands sounding the exact same way like them (new years day,hey monday,etc) and you need this to be apart of that foul list???oh no,no wayyyyy,not on my watch.

Of course I didn't say anything to the guy,pretty much because I'm a good person.But mostly because I know the argument would be pointless.I mean once mainstream music raped your ears,you'll never be the same anymore.As of the saying,"once you go mtv,you ain't ever going back".YES,I MADE THAT UP.

So without further a do,let me finally introduce y'all to GIRL IN A COMA officially by firstly stating "NO,THEY DO NOT SOUND LIKE PARAMORE", and "YES,THEY'RE WICKED AWESOME".To describe this band short,they are (for me) the female punk rocker version of The Smith.Enjoy;

And if you fell inlove with them the same way I did,do not hesitate on supporting them.Spread the word or go to their site and show some love(tell them that I sent you there and that I adore them).It's upsetting how bands like these don't get enough recognition just cause the rest of the population's brainwashed by what's hip these days.

Your amazingness,



  1. speaking of musical suicide - i admit i downloaded some lady gaga last year... i am still ashamed :D

  2. lol.we all been there,hon.i swear i have this secret folder consisting of every disney kids/hipster disco/divas you could possibly imagine.i even at one point got stuck on kpop.haha