Saturday, June 18, 2011

i'm getting a MORNINGWOOD.

lol.Pardon my french,but you should know by now that I'm female and there is no way that the title is in any way accurate.Unless of course,if I were to magically grow some disco stick overnight while I was busy watching the reruns of Daydream Nation.Has anyone seen that movie yet?Kat Dennings was uber hot in it!!

Anyway,as I was saying,the morningwood in the post title wasn't refering to any real morningwood in particular,if anything it's a morningwood your ears will get from listening to too many
Okay I'm just sounding more and more self absorbed by now.Yes,I was talking about Morningwood as in the New York based band.The first thing I feel when listening to Morningwood was a seventies retro vibe but with a kick of modern angst and sexual tension.Yes,I said it.I think of sex when I listen to this band.I don't know why.Most likely because most of their songs are about the mentioned topic.I'm not decent enough to judge so I say FUCK IT,if you could swallow lady gaga,you could swallow this one with ease.
Here's the last youtube video I've seen of the band.But you could like buy their album or something.And when you do,I recommend you listening to their first album with your respectful partner in the backseat of a car,parked in the middle of nowhere.ROMANTIC AIN'T IT?

Your wolverine,


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