Sunday, June 19, 2011

a message from your editorette;

I know I owe some of you a personal introduction of myself but I'm too low self esteemed to write a thing.All I could offer you are some clues about myself.but I have to warn you,they are slightly inaccurate,therefore don't bother crossing your fingers while plucking out the facts;

I was a unicorn.I have a thing for jasmine green tea.I have had a few failed attempts in forming my dream band.I have a german sheppard.I live in a cottage by the sea.I am a lesbian.I love sushi.I saw bigfoot once.Am allergic to make up.married.Had a head surgery once.Suck at sports. Am not jobless right now.I went to narniaLlistens to acapella.Professional chopstick user.Am clinically depressed.Have people issues.Am a scene kid.Went to disney land.Was a bartender once.Am 35 this year.

REMEMBER,only a few of the things I wrote up there are true.So good luck to whoever is participating in this tacky game out there.who knows, you might actually almost knew me a little.Or not.

So anyway,I wanna take a breather and thank all of you who ended up following my blog.Even though you only did so because I randomly followed you first.However,I do hope we get to know each other someday and hopefully be real life buddies and go rob a bank together and steal lemons and stuff.

Have a great week folks!!

Your jelly bean,


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