Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pop rocks!!

Quite frankly I haven't been a fan of pop when it comes to music but marina and the diamonds has somehow made pop more edible.I know.I know.I know.Your thinking HEY WHAT ABOUT LILY ALLEN??I love her too but something about Marina makes me love her a tinsy bit more than I already love lily.I guess the hook would be her music are childishly catchy and that awkward vocals of her that she quoted sounded like shakira's (but I honestly can see the difference,Marina's british).She's one of those fine mixtures of modern popstar and talented singer songwriter but in my humble opinion,she falls more to the latter category.

I don't know why I love her so much (pfft,I said that about almost all the other women I wrote about here,lol). Perhaps because I secretly think that I have the same facial structure as her or perhaps because she looks stunning in almost all her videos.And yes,she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones so that's also another WIN:)

Here is my fave song from her,

and also,

I feel warm and giddy already:D
So tell me,what do you think of her?

Your sister from a different mother,


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  1. She also has blog, which is refreshingly honest about how pissed she is to be in the music industry. I think she's fantastic.