Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We all came from the mosh pit circle.

I have had this pathetic phase in my life where if anytime a person ask me what music I listen to I would reluctantly reply "I only listen to MATHCORE".Of course that same person would then be taken aback and walk away not knowing what the hell I was talking about and probably assumed that I was on crack( which I wasn't if you were curious to know).lol.I was 16 and was going through what any angsty teenager at that age was going through,trying to be the most rebellious individual ever.Thankfully,I underwent this miraculous thing when I turned 18,this thing called growing up.i do still listen to mathcore/grindcore/chaotic hardcore or any other type of music that required a person to scream like his possessed by Pazuzu from The Exorcist,except now I don't go around telling people that that's my only preference.Now 20,I use the term "universal listener" when describing the type of shit I listen to.But truth be told,I'm a bias,I don't even listen to hip hop.

Where am I getting at you ponder?well my lovelies,you'll find the next lady I'm about to introduce quite relatable to what I just told you just now.Meet Eva Spence.
Adorable ain't she?No eyeliner,no piercings,no tattoos.Hell,if I told you she plays keyboard in some electro indie band,you would believe me.But take a look at exhibit A,
Edgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huh?Okay,I sound like 13 year old poser now.
This is Eva Spence,she sings for this experimental chaotic hardcore band called ROLO TOMASSI.And by singing,I actually meant she screams like a crazy person that the only accurate way of describing the sound that she was making would be of a gozilla battle with a t-rex with a psychedelic electro random tune at the background.If you have no idea what I'm talking about then here,check her out;

Of course if a metalhead happens to be reading this,he'll probably call me a faggot (though I'm a lady) for even putting this band here.But if you know me at all,I don't give a shit.I like all things experimental,crazy and different.And what kind of a person I would be if I excluded this particular experimental,crazy and different band from my blog??So basically for those timid souls who aren't ready to savage their cochlea yet, this is the kinda band that is too indie for metal and too metal for indie.But for those who are aware of this type of bands,think lady version of Orbs,Benea reach or today's Fisticuff bluff.

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  1. Wow, she looks completely different when she's performing :)

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